Sync exclusion


CloudNAS CacheDrive excludes certain temporary files from syncing by default. However, user may want to designate own specific files for such exclusion for application need or to save storage space in cloud. In such cases user can set Sync Exclusion as needed.

Sync Exclusion is set using the POSIX Extended Regular Expression (ERE). If a file path matches the specified ERE (case-insensitive), the file will not be synced. Please note that if you specify Sync Exclusion, the default exclusion list will be overridden.

Path is a relative path from the root of the share, using forward slash (/) instead of backslash as delimiter. For example, if we set ERE as (^|/)Thumbs\.db$, then any file named Thumbs.db (or thumbs.db) under the root (^) or in any subfolder (/) will not be synced.

Default exclusion

Default exclusion depends on the firmware version. In firmware version 4.1.11, the default exclusion list is below.


Some Custom Examples

Sync MS Word lock information

To see the name of the user that has locked the file, the file ~$xxx needs to be synced. The following regular expression removes ~$xxx from the exclusion list.


Sync .bak file for AutoCAD

Although CloudNAS keeps versions, you may want to sync .bak file. You can use the below regular expression to remove .bak files from the exclusion list.


Exclude temporary file which contains 8 hexdigit followed by .dat

Some tools generate files such as MyFile.13a46c2b.dat during processing, with the final result MyFile.dat. To exclude these files, use the below expression.


Exclude nothing

If you want to sync everything, you want to set regular expression like below. Which matches only empty file name, and that is not allowed, so all valid file name will not match with this regular expression. Note: If you leave regular expression empty string, it will match everything, and resulted with nothing will be sync'ed.


Regular Expression Builder

This tool can help you build regular expression. However, some of the advanced regular expression cannot be covered by this tool. Please note that there is no need to use the escape character "\" below.

Exclude the following file names (Thumbs.db for example). One file name per line.

Exclude the following file extensions (tmp for example). One extension per line.

Exclude the following file name begin with (~$ for example). One string per line.

Exclude following file name end with (~ for example). One string per line.

Result of Regular Expression. You can copy and paste the result to MCM.